Thank you for considering fundraising for Jeremiah’s Journey. Every single one of our fundraisers are crucial in helping us support more children, young people and their families, who are impacted by bereavement.

Our fundraisers raise money by jumping, baking, running, sailing and partying their way through the year and we are thrilled that you want to join the journey!

As a small self-funded charity all donations are very important to us. You might know what you are going to be doing to raise money for us, or perhaps you are still looking for ideas. 

What difference will it make?

Every penny you raise will make a HUGE difference.

Did you know?

  • £5 covers the cost for us to take a call on our helpline.
  • £8 could pay for a teddy bear, which we give to every grieving child who comes through our programme.
  • £10 could buy an age-related book to help a grieving child understand what has happened better, and realise they are not alone.
  • £25 covers the cost of a ‘care pack’ for a child, this includes a teddy bear, a book, and other useful resources.
  • £50 could pay for a child to attend a Memory Day where they can meet other bereaved children and young people and explore ways to remember their loved one in a way that feels right to them.
  • £120 will support a member of our bereavement services team to do the first assessment with a child and wider family. This will include providing the family with a ‘care pack’ of useful resources.
  • £150 can support a child or young person through two sessions of a specialist therapy called ‘EMDR’ used when a bereavement has been traumatic.
  • £500 is the cost of supporting one child or young person through one of our longer-term programmes.
  • £1000 will enable us to support a family through a programme of ‘family therapy’ bespoke to them. These sessions support families where the situation or family dynamic is more complex.

We have a range of resources such as posters you can print and a copy of our latest charity update, so you can see exactly how we spend the money that you are working so hard to raise.

Don’t forget to keep us up to date with your plans. We love hearing what our brilliant fundraisers are doing and if you can send a photo or two, you might even spot yourself on our social media pages!