The Follow the Bear campaign has been brought about to support the running of Jeremiah’s Journey. Jeremiah’s Journey is a Plymouth based charity which was started in 1996.

“We want #followthebear to not only work for local businesses, but also for families, children and young people. “


The charity has supported over 6000 children and their families since then and continues to do so with ever increasing need and demands on the charity.

Follow the Bear is a campaign which has been aimed predominantly at local businesses but is not exclusively so, in that any member of the public can also become involved. The aim is for everyone to be made aware of the charity, it’s work and how they can become involved and raise funds. We want everyone in Plymouth and the surrounding areas where we work to recognise the campaign and the charity, ask “what is follow the bear?” so that they enquire, understand, and want to help.

Why not have a #followthebear in your high street?

Businesses who have our stickers in the window can “invite” children and families in for a clue, children add to these clues each time they visit a shop, café or salon to build a picture or story and finish at a party or a store to win their prize, have some fun and bring communities together.

All whilst raising footfall for the high street, awareness for the charity and hopefully further funds for Jeremiah’s Journey. It is such an easy, fun way of getting involved and we will help and support with advertising, manpower and of course, Jeremiah Bear.

Commit to JJ’s

Becoming a member for #followthebear campaign will show commitment from yourselves and create a steady income for the charity. We have a waiting list which is something we wish to eliminate through raising further funds. It’s a devastating time for children and young people and to be told this at a crucial time of the bereavement process makes the journey of understanding grief, it’s strength of feeling and how to cope, harder.

Bereavement is an inevitable and natural part of life and many children come through this painful experience changed but able to move on to live fulfilling lives. There is evidence that the death of a mother, father or sibling can have an extensive influence on children’s lives lasting into adulthood. Children who experience such losses encounter psychological, physical, health, social, cultural and educational challenges that can make them vulnerable as they develop. Some challenges fade with time and with support, while others can persist and be lifelong.

Loss and bereavement are very much part of being human and as such are normal, painful, predictable life events. Grief is not an illness. It is understood in different ways in different families and we need to be sensitive to these differences.

Make a difference

Your support can make a massive difference. Whether you are a small company or individual who can only give £99 or a larger organisation that can give £500, it all helps. Partners who have donated their time, work or premises to support what we do helps immensely as well, as we then do not have to pay for these services which means everything raised goes straight into running Jeremiah’s Journey.

We support grieving children & their families to help them through a difficult time.