Jeremiah’s Journey began in 1996 and was created by four professionals who wanted to use their skills to help local children through a difficult life experience. Many of their original ideas and ways of working are still very much part of what we do today.

Dr Jacqui Stedmon, Dr Sheila Cassidy, Diana Maynard and Ann Tucker based some of the ideas on the work of Winston’s Wish. Over the years with the help from our families we have been able to build on this stable foundation.

Another strong influence has been from the ‘Continuing Bonds’ theory (Klass, Silverman and Nickman, 1996) which argues that it is important to maintain a connection or bond with the person who has died. We are continually incorporating new ideas from the bereavement literature as well as learning from other areas.


Dr Cassidy had a great love of teddy bears (before she got her real teddy bears, her beloved Chow Chows!) and given their universal appeal wrote a story about a family of bears to help children of all ages explore the journey through grief. Jeremiah and his family play a key role in our work and are valued members of the team!

We support grieving children & their families to help them through a difficult time.